PLEASE NOTE: We produce custom standups of almost any subject you can think of. It is best to send us a DIGITAL photo of your subject. In some cases, we can use a photo, as long as you understand that the quality will not be as good.  Also please NOTE that we do not offer refunds after 60 days on custom orders placed if you fail to submit a photo for processing. You can complete your order any time in the future at no additional cost even if our prices go up. 

   Also please understand that the quality of the standup produced is a direct result of the quality of the photo. We can not be responsible for poor resolution photos that are grainy when enlarged. We will advise you of any possible problems we see before producing your standup. 

        Once you have placed your order, email the photo file of your subject to along with the height of your subject and your name and address. (It is best to use a digital camera that has a resolution of 5 megapixels or more.) The more pixels the better. Please see the note on the top left on file size and how important it is. 

File size note:

     It is very IMPORTANT to have the highest resolution photo you can send us. Many people send us photo files that are only 50 to 100k in size. They should be at least 500k for a child and 1 meg or larger for an adult when the subject fills almost the entire frame from top to bottom.

    When we make a  standup from a file that is too small, it becomes very "grainy". See the examples HERE. It may look ok from many feet away, but close up it will not be clear. 

  1. Digital Cameras used should be at least 4 megapixels & the resolution MUST be set to high or fine to get a photo that can be make life size. Some cameras just list numbers - choose the largest one. This will give you less pictures, but better pictures.
  2. Take photos close up (tight shot) Fill the frame of your photo with your subject. Use the least zoom possible, just get closer. Be sure not to cut their feet off. Take it vertically, not horizontally.  The less background in the picture, the better your resolution will be. Light and solid backgrounds are better. Sharp, focused, and clear images work the best.
  3. Advertised pricing is for single subject photos standing with arms at the side or crossed in front.  If your photo has more than one person, your subject is pointing, kicking, running, jumping, or holding a large object understand that there may be a surcharge applied depending on the photo. We will advise.
  4. Try to avoid shooting in fluorescent lighting.  Low light with a flash is better than fluorescent.  OUTDOOR is the best, but not in direct sunlight!
  5. If sending a digital photo, the file size should be at least 1 MB or larger. *** DO NOT JUST CHANGE THE RESOLUTION *** Let us work with the original file.   DPI:  we print at 720 dpi.  We can accept less dpi but it should be at least 300dpi for good quality.
  6. We accept .jpg, .pdf, .eps, .tif, Photoshop. If in doubt, contact us.   We can also accept 35mm negatives, prints or CDs by mail.  The larger the print, the better quality your standup will be.  8 x 10 is ideal.
  7. Scanned photos:  Scan on the HIGHEST resolution possible.  Scanned photos do not always result in a digital file that looks the same as your photo at home. Your scanner must support enlargements.  Please scan at 1200 dpi at least.  We print at 720 dpi. We will contact you to discuss quality.
  8. Celebrity Photos/Copyright:  We cannot reproduce any celebrity or copyrighted photos without the express written consent of the celebrity or the owner of the photograph.  If you have a photo you have personally taken of a celebrity at a concert or other event, then you are the rightful owner and may reproduce it.  You may want to contact a fan club or the celebrity’s website for photos that are available for reproduction. Otherwise, go to a royalty free website to see if an image is available.  We frequently purchase photos from on behalf of our customers.
  9. We receive most of our photos as email attachments.  Please send to  If your file size is too large for email, please contact us for a URL link to upload your photo to.
  10. Important - You get what you give us! It all starts with the photo!


 -  Once we receive your photo file, we will review the quality of the photo to make sure that you will be pleased with the finished standup and send you a confirmation. If there is any problem, we will let you know right away. 


-.  It usually takes about 1 week to complete your standup, but during busy times it may take 2-3 weeks. If you have an (emergency), we will do our best to get it to you when you need it. Once your standup is completed, we will send it to you by standard UPS. (We have other shipping methods for additional cost available if you need it quicker. )


PLEASE NOTE: We also accept negatives or CDs by mail, and allow you to pay by check or money order if you wish. Sending actual prints is usually not a good idea because the resolution may not be good enough.


Click on the size you need depending on the height of your subject. Please contact us if you need a Double Sided Version.
(Image on the back side will be a mirror image of the front.) 

REMEMBER: If you wish to order a
double sided standup, 
please call us for pricing and suggestions.


   If you have a special request, situation, questions, or comments, please call us. One of our friendly staff will be GLAD to help you. All non-phone questions should be emailed to


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